What will the 2023 SEO trends be
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If you want to continue strengthening your web positioning, we indicate what the SEO trends will be for 2023:

A new year is approaching and we are already knowing what will be a trend in SEO and digital marketing , but Google changes its algorithm every so often, and it is necessary to adapt to the requirements of the search engine if we want to obtain a good position.

SEO trends that will stand out in 2023

The generation of valuable content

It is true that a voluminous content tends to position properly, but whenever it is of quality, the short text will work very well. With very synthesized information, the user can have all the details in less time .

The use of keywords changes

It will reward the quality of the content, leaving aside a text with keywords. Therefore the related keywords will be those that make scalar positions in the search engine. Tools like Google AdWord Keyword Planner will allow a wide diffusion of the information that is related to your keywords .

Search by voice, “long tail” strategy. Google likes “long tail” strategies more and more, as users search increasingly disparate for the same result. Thus, two aspects will go hand in hand: the search by voice, and the content .

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

The pages that load the static content like images, videos and other elements, in a faster way will be better classified by Google, which always observes around the optimization of the experience of the “mobile user”.

The aesthetics and functionality of the designs. In 2023 we will see how the designs that surround the contents are increasingly attractive and functional, forming a whole .

Link building techniques

The link building strategies will continue to be a key element of SEO positioning. Of course, do not obsess about getting hundreds of links, but the ones you get are of quality. Better to have a link on an authority page, than many in low quality directories .

The mobile will continue to grow

The searches made through mobile devices are becoming more common. Therefore, Google has already launched an algorithm that rewards these “responsive websites” and it seems that it will continue to do so with even greater force. Thus, it is vital that your website offers a good user experience .

The potential of Big Data.

We can adapt our SEO positioning strategies to the interests and demands of our target audience and achieve better results, thanks to the amount of information we receive through all the channels in which we operate.

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