What is the importance of off page SEO?
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SEO is very important to make a website successful. Building an online presence is highly dependent on the SEO both on and off page SEO.

But marketers focus more on on page SEO than off page. off page SEO is equally important if not more to make a site rank higher on Google.

off page SEO includes all activities that are involved out site your website like link-building. It drives buyer traffic to your landing pages and lets the search engine know just how trustworthy your site is.

You can carry out off page SEO in several ways like posting content on social media, forums, influencer marketing, guest posting, etc.

Let us talk about the importance of off page SEO in more detail.

Higher SERP ranking:

Search engine bots crawl through the web to find out the best search results to showcase for their users. Optimizing off page SEO will boost the rankings on search pages letting the algorithm know that your content is valued and liked by many.

Getting a higher ranking on search pages automatically assures a better click-through rate and thus better leads.

Increase in Domain Authority:

Domain Authority or DA is a score created by Moz to determine the overall performance of a site. off page SEO is highly important in increasing the DA of a site.

If a site has a higher authority it’s ranking automatically increases on the Google Search Page. You can increase the DA via do follow links.

Build Site Awareness:

When you do off page SEO right it helps to increase the site’s awareness. People become more exposed to your content and your business becomes more relevant.

If your website becomes popular organically you will have to spend less on paid adverts and promotions.

Increases content value:

Having more people externally link back to your site increases the value of your content in the search engine’s eyes.

The more shares determine that people are genuinely appreciating your content and so the search bots will always rank your content in a higher position among other similar search results.

Build quality External links:

The easiest way to improve off page SEO is to guest post on other similar websites creating quality backlinks and also exposing your content to a new crowd.

This can be easily done with the help of a tool called Postifluence and with this, you can improve your buyer traffic and also increase sales conversions easily.


One SEO practice is not enough, to get noticed you have to practice both ON & OFF page SEO. Failing to do any one of them will result in not being able to beat the competition.

Hope this helps!

Đỗ Xuân Liêm

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