ass hat SEO and black hat SEO?
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Here the difference between ass hat SEO and black hat SEO are explained, based on my experience.

The Difference Between Ass Hat SEO And Black Hat SEO?

There are different strategies to achieve an end and if we talk about SEO, the goal is to achieve greater positioning in the search engines to get more visits and prestige. And its operation is based on search engines that use algorithms to measure and classify the quality of the sites.

But keep in mind that data trackers do not distinguish between a good content and a bad one, simply select the sites according to the number of times they have been linked, shared, searched and read.

Difficult task for SEO since there is no magic formula for web positioning, also if we take into account that Google modifies its positioning algorithm 500 times a year. Therefore, expectations arise in the medium and long term. It is a work in constant updating and monitoring.

SEO Gray Hat

From Gray Hat we could say that unlike the Black Hat SEO does not use techniques penalized by the search engines but does not meet them in its global.

His technique consists of publishing long articles, using web semantics, that is, variants of keywords and, very often, working on the structure so that the different parts of the article can be identified and multimedia content related to the subject can be inserted, in this way we increase the duration of the user in our site.

This type of strategy stands out, the exchange of links between the web with greater authority, the Link Building, in addition from different IPs and with regulated periodicity.

SEO Black or Black Hat

Black Hat are strategies that seek immediacy in results and use techniques that defy the rules and guidelines of search engines, SPAM in forums or blogs, hidden texts, paid links, clutter and nonsensical keywords but that monetize quickly and burst navigation of the user with constant links that are not related to the content.

Although these techniques can be effective in the short term, they can be penalized long and be expelled from the search engine, which would be a negative effect on sales and brand recognition.

In conclusion, there is no good or bad practice but the use that is given to them although sometimes it does not add value to the user.

Finally, in order to obtain the expected results, it will be necessary to analyze, understand and practice new techniques.

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