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Search engines are an integral part of the information research process.

A good ranking in search engines like Google or Bing is the goal of many website operators.

But many people are not sure how exactly the search engine ranking is made up.

How do you manage to be the best ranked for a search query like “shoes” and get past some 114,000,000 other results today?

Influencing variables on the search engine ranking

Search engines analyze the content of web pages in the crawling process.

This does not happen of course by hand, but with the help of so-called crawlers or robots (see also: Googlebot ).

These retrieve web pages and prepare their content for further analysis by the search engine algorithms.

This takes into account factors found on the respective website, the so-called onpage factors, as well as the accessibility of the page in the network (off-page factors).

In order to be found for the search query “shoes”, it is of course necessary to be able to offer content on this topic.

This is done with a good onpage optimization

Onpage Optimization: What is it about?

By means of an on-page optimization, as the optimization of the individual pages of the website, one can clearly tell search engines for which terms content is offered on their own website.

Through a good on-page optimization, you first fall into the pool of currently 114,000,000 pages that also offer content on the subject of “shoes”.

Influencing factors here are, for example, the appearance of the word on the page, especially if the word is contained in the page title or HTML headings, for example.

Offpage optimization as a relevance increasing measure

Of course, once pages have been identified that can offer content on the topic, they must also be sorted.

But how do search engines get to find the most relevant pages from a page pool?

The relevance calculation for the search engine ranking not only analyzes what can be found in the documents themselves, but also looks at the external reception of the content.

What sounds complicated can be explained very simply: If web pages refer to other web documents by means of links, this is an indicator that the referenced page is a relevant source.

Because if something is not relevant, it will not be linked.

So if you want shoes to be found way up the search results, other websites need to confirm that your content is good.

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