What are the important SEO points for a website?
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Here I explained how SEO is important for website.

The web optimization is becoming one of the most important tasks of the complex Gear Online Marketing. Did you know? Find out everything about it in this article.

Formerly, the offices and commercial premises were the main exhibition place where companies and customers interacted.

The internet boom, cultural changes in consumer habits, the development of eCommerce and the explosion of Mobile Marketing , made the websites are becoming the main center of operations of companies.

What are the determining factors of a successful Website?

Optimizing your website does not only mean that it is visually attractive, but it also involves each of the elements related to your target’s experience with your brand, products and content.

The first step to achieve it, will be to know what are those aspects that will make your site the favorite place of your customers or on the contrary, that will go down in history without pain or glory.

Good Graphic Design

First impressions are important, so you should make sure that your site looks visually attractive, neat and professional . This will depend on the following variables:

Color combination: Do not use more than 2 or 3 primary colors and make sure they are in line with the branding strategy of the brand.

Sources: Choose those that are easy to read and transmit the values of the brand.

Graphics and images: They will need to complement and add value to the texts of the website to achieve the objective of said content.


At this point, it is no longer new to talk about the importance of content for your website . The Content Marketing offers multiple tools to take advantage of its great value and put it at the service of users.

If you take into account the following points when defining the content for the different pages of your site, you will be able to optimize it and improve its performance . Take note!

Make sure the texts of the pages are clear, concise and have 500 words on average.

Use a tone that is in line with your branding strategy .

Orient the content towards your target telling how you can provide solutions through your products or services.

It provides relevant information about the central theme of each page omitting unnecessary or little related information.

It includes in a strategic way those terms by which your users usually look for you in Google . By doing so, avoid obsessing and the text loses coherence and naturalness as this may end up hurting your position in the search results.


Another important element to optimize your website is that it works correctly, that is, free of both programming and content errors . This includes checking the operation of the links and forms , as well as checking the presence of redaction and page errors, among other things.


The concept of usability refers to the ability of a website to facilitate access to its contents, navigation through its different pages and the understanding of its message. This will help improve the user experience and user experience (UX). To achieve this, your site should be:

Simple when distributing content in the space in such a way as to provide visual rest to the reader and a good understanding of the message in a short period of time.

Quick so that in a few seconds the content of each page is displayed correctly.

Flexible to be able to deploy not only successfully, but also visually attractive on any type of device .

What are the benefits of Optimizing your Website?

Optimizing your website seems a complex and continuous work. And it is in a certain way. But by putting the benefits you get in the balance , everything makes sense!

More Traffic

Users and search engines reward more and more those who optimize their website. This results in better rankings and consequently more and better traffic to your website.

Better Link with the Brand

A better user experience allows customers and prospects to build a relationship of trust with your brand , which will be transferred to your products or services.

More Conversions

Persuasive content, well distributed, in a page free of errors, dynamic and flexible will result in a higher conversion rate.

Less Bounces

By optimizing your website, you will ensure that the client finds on this page what they are looking for , decreasing the bounce rate .

Lower Maintenance Costs

A lighter site with fewer errors and technical problems lowers the costs of maintenance, increasing the overall ROI of the business and freeing resources that can be reassigned to other areas.

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