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Know the types of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (Optimization for Search Engines, in Spanish), one of the growing areas of professional performance for professionals in IT and Digital Marketing.

When we search Google for the phrase SEO Types , thousands of results appear on the subject. The problem comes when we open some pages to inform us about the types of SEO: each of them classifies them in a different way.

Now we are more involved than before looking for information. So, what is the correct classification? For it is difficult to point to a single explanation, since its classification is not as simple and direct as other sites try to perform.

There are values to be discriminated when addressing the Types of SEO and the criteria to perform the classification of the practices that are carried out in the tasks of web positioning.

In this context, the classification of types of SEO is conditioned based on 2 options: where they apply and who apply the techniques of web positioning.

Where SEO is applied

SEO are the techniques that are carried out in order to achieve the best results in the websites that discriminate against the algorithms of the most used search engines on the web … What do you say?

Even I, who have spent many years in this world of crazy computing is hard to understand. So I’m going to try to repeat it, but this time in Christian. SEO are techniques used to get search engines to recognize the content of our website and position it according to them.

To do that, they use a series of internal parameters that, by the way, the search engines like Google change every two times.

The reason, besides improving its operation, is to separate the grain from the straw. That is, see which websites are active and which are not, depending on whether they update their content and adapt to the new parameters or not.

Thus, those that are updated frequently will obtain a better position than those that do not. Likewise, it seems to an IT expert that this explanation is not entirely correct. But, after all, it’s about all of us finding out how the topic is going, right?

Its application can be carried out in:

SEO On Page: SEO On the Site , consists of the optimization of the site’s html code so that the search engine algorithms tracking gives the best position in the results in the preference of Internet users. What does this mean ?, because the better the internal code of our website, the better position will be given by browsers.

SEO On Content: Content SEO of the sites, consists of the optimization of the written content of the pages of a site. This part of the application of SEO requires professionals who handle the correct use of language and the best strategies that make the most of the analysis and use of the so-called Keywords or keywords.

Commonly we consider part of SEO On Page. That is, the better the content of our website is written, including the keywords that users type in the search engines to find information, the better positioned our website will be.

SEO Off Page : SEO Outside the Page, are the actions that specialists in these techniques perform outside our website to improve the position of it in search engines.

It is the most complicated part of the SEO positioning since it involves the development of links of sites related to the one that wants to position itself fulfilling the requirements of good practices of the search engines.

Who apply SEO

People who are dedicated to the optimization of search engine positioning with the use of SEO techniques called SEO technicians.

From a professional perspective, they also have their particular classification, being established as follows:

SEO White Hat: To name the web optimizers that subordinate their actions to the improvements of the content following the rules of the search engines and filling the webs that they manage with a lot of content to give relevance.

SEO Gray Hat: Among the tools they use is the exchange of links between the webs that permanently manage and monitor the positioning of the competition.

SEO Black Hat : They use spam and other techniques away from the parameters of search engines as an alternative to positioning , trying to deceive good practices to position the web that manages.

In particular, it does not cling to any particular project because it knows that if it is penalized by a search engine, it can quickly damage other websites with the same unethical practices.
What to do to position your website

It is common to consider that in order to positively position your site or online business, it requires an advanced and specialized knowledge to achieve it.

While it is true that anyone can acquire this knowledge and put it into practice on their website, it is also true (especially for companies) that it is not always possible to have the necessary time to do so.

There are specialized companies to give this service to any web project and achieve the best optimization, so

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