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Longtail is the English term for “long tail”. In online marketing , one often speaks of longtail keywords , meaning search terms that are relatively special and are therefore not sought after so often, but which are less competitive and can be used more effectively in terms of online marketing.

These include, for example, combinations of multiple keywords.

The long tail as a niche

Looking at the search on the web from a marketing perspective rather superficially, one might think that it is only worthwhile to use terms that are often sought.

Often searched keywords can be much more trafficthan over niche or longtail keywords.

The problem is, however, that short, often searched keywords are always highly competitive: The ads on such keywords are expensive and also the first page of search results is highly contested by search engine optimizers.

The effort to tap this traffic is so high, both in terms of cost and time.

Nevertheless, the search volume of long tail keywords should not be underestimated.

If you are looking for keywords, you will find long tail keywords that are well sought after, but are less competitive.

In addition, there is another advantage: users looking for long-tail keywords usually know exactly what they want to find.

This can be illustrated with an example: A used car dealer,

who currently has a Nissan Micra on offer, could run an ad on the keyword “buy car”.

This ad would probably be very expensive as traffic and competition are very high.

In addition, the would beConversion rate is not very high, as many users probably do not want to buy a used Nissan Micra.

If he switches instead to an ad on “Nissan Micra used Berlin”, this would be not only cheaper, but would also fit much better to the target group.

Consequently, this should have a positive effect on the conversion rate.

How does it work?

Anyone who not only wants to run ads on long-tail keywords, but also wants to optimize their own website for long-tail keywords, must first start a keyword search to find suitable long-tail keywords.

On the one hand, it should be noted that there is a relevant search volume, on the other hand, the keyword should not be too competitive.

Especially in the area of Local SEO , it makes sense to create a local or regional reference by adding a location to the keyword.

The SEO texts should be provided with the corresponding combinations of the keyword in the sense of long tail optimization, so that Googlecan see a relevance of the site for a particular keyword combination.

Nevertheless, the texts should of course bring added value for the users.

The relevance of longtails for search engine optimization

Since the results pages of the search engine are highly competitive, it is worthwhile, especially for smaller companies on Longtail keywords to set to use your own resources of search engine optimization as effectively as possible.

Nevertheless, one should not only rely on long tail keywords, an optimization on relevant keywords as “noise floor” is initially meaningful, so that Google recognizes a relevance to the topic.

Subsequently, the long tail optimization can be used very well, in order to tap targeted traffic.

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